Come say hi at one of my weekly fitness or yoga classes around Seattle! All classes are deeply rooted curiosity and inclusivity. 



Open Studio Hours

Monday  –  11a - 2p
Tuesday  –  8a - noon, 1 - 2p
Wednesday  –  3 - 4p
Thursday  –  10a - noon, 1 - 2p

Come use the studio! I'm now in the Motive Yoga Co. space in Fremont and loving it! I have a few open office hours that I'd love to share with you! Swing by to use the studio any of the following's on the house! Just RSVP below so that I know you're coming by! Use the space for...

  • Homework check-in
  • 1-on-1 training consult
  • Get a movement screen or check-up
  • Do your own workout or yoga practice
  • Soft rolls + nap?


Seattle Bouldering Project

Tuesday  –  5:30p, 6p, 7p, 8p  (circuit & recovery)
Friday  –  7:15a, 5:30p  (vinyasa yoga)

Seattle Bouldering Project is excited to offer classes to help you develop strength and improve conditioning to meet your climbing and fitness goals. Our goal is for you to feel healthy and strong when bouldering, while adventuring in the mountains, and in your day-to-day pursuits. Led by experienced fitness instructors, classes will have a large emphasis on injury prevention and learning proper form for all movements.



8 Limbs Yoga

Wednesday  –  noon @ Wedgwood
Thursday  –  8am @ Phinney Ridge

I teach Yoga Tune Up®, a head-to-toe health and fitness system combining Yoga, Corrective Exercise, and Self-massage, using YTU therapy balls. YTU classes are geared towards students wanting a more therapeutic yoga class. They are gentle to moderate classes focused on strength building and fascia release. Open to all levels, YTU helps heal damaged muscle, and establish healthy movement patterns designed to help you live better in your body.



Motive Yoga Co.

Wednesday  –  6:15a, 7:30a

Through a prescriptive approach you'll explore yoga to support your body, your lifestyle and your goals. Each session is carefully crafted to address your needs — healing an injury, stressing less, advancing your movement or increasing your focus.  

Small groups classes are an affordable way to experience the benefits of private yoga. Classes cap at 6 people so that you never deal with overcrowding and the low student : teacher ratio gives you access to personal instruction.