a mid-day burst of strength training + yoga

A high-energy workout plus mindful rest, designed to improve posture and leave you feeling recharged. This 30 minute class is inclusive as f**k, but geared toward badass introverts and those who want all of the strength, confidence and community of a gym...without the grunting and loud music. Limited to 8 students per class. 

Monday  –  10:30am & 1:15pm
Tuesday  –  10:30am, 1:15pm & 3pm
Thursday  –  10:30am, 1:15pm & 3pm


PART 1: 
18 Minute Strength Circuit

During the first part of class, we'll complete a high-energy circuit designed to increase heart rate, improve posture and leave you energized.

PART 2: 
12 Minutes of restorative yoga

For the second part of class, we'll take a "yoga nap" where you'll be led through a breath-centered, mindful rest.


Class Pricing

This option is great for those who'd like to try out classes or who attend just once/week. Please sign up in advance to ensure your spot.

10 CLASS PACK: $100
Just $10/class when you purchase a class pack. This option is great for those attending weekly.


Accountability Membership


Overcome inertia and get to class! As you probably know, there are many positive results of accountability, including improved performance, increased participation and results!

Enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer in a small group environment. Set an attendance goal each month and I'll work closely with you to help you achieve it. 

Meet your goal? Great! We'll do the same thing next month! Miss your goal? Put your money where your mouth is. A $15 charity donation for each day missed is required to continue your membership. 


Located in the Saturn Building

3417 Evanston Ave N, Studio 410