personal training

Build confidence, gain strength and enjoy having accountability. If you're recovering from an injury, check out Badass While Broken.



One-on-one fitness is a great way to build a solid base or get focused on your goals. And if you need a little accountability to stay on track, I'm happy to be your point person.

Step 1: Choose a time

I have the following regular sessions available. If you'd like to request another time, feel free to contact me below to get on the waitlist. Sessions are held in the Saturn Building in Fremont. 

Monday: 11am, noon, 1pm + limited afternoon appointments
Tuesday: 1:10 pm
Wednesday: 3pm
Thursday: 11pm, 1:10pm+ limited afternoon appointments

Step 2: Book a consult

Prior to your first session, we'll schedule a consultation/assessment via phone or in person to talk about what you're looking for and create a plan of action. To book a consult, please fill out the form below.

Step 3: Purchase sessions

CLICK HERE to purchase sessions and packages.

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"I never imagined gaining strength and stability could be an empowering practice before I began working with Tess. Through her energy, mindfulness, and extraordinary skill, I was able to gain a deep appreciation for this work — I cannot imagine my life without it now. Tess rocks and I am so happy that is someone like her helping people find the fun and joy in fitness!" 

- Sinclair, Seattle, WA