If you're recovering from an injury, but don't yet have all of the pieces in place to run, climb or work like you used to, I'd be happy to work with your doctor or physical therapist to get you moving in the right direction. One-on-one sessions are designed to bridge the gap between PT and badassery.



Let's get moving!

Are you in an injury rut? Want to find out what's possible within your doctor's orders? Want to feel like a badass despite the broken bits? Let's hang! 

Because of the in-depth look at your specific injury, your initial session is 90 minutes and $130. It can be done in person at in Seattle or via video chat. Prior to meeting, we'll talk about your injury history, goals, and possibly connect with you doctor or physical therapist to get you moving in the smartest way possible.

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The origin story...

In June 2016, I broke my ankle in two places. For the first time in my life, I was seriously injured and incapable of doing most of my activities (and I have A LOT of activities). My work is movement, so I found strength in my creativity (plus, I'd just written this blog post so it was time to practice what I preached).

I very quickly found myself "swimming" around the gym on a skateboard, paddleboarding on my butt, lifting kettlebells seated and practicing balance tricks on my crutches. I fell in love with figuring out what I COULD do. I found natural tie-ins between the work my (really awesome) physical therapist gave me and my past movement practice, which, no doubt, sped up the recovery process and gave me something to look forward to. 

The best thing born out of the experience was the sense of community. Injury can create empathy. It gives us common ground. It can help us relate to each other – especially since most of us have been injured on some level. I now feel like I'm part of a secret club of broken badasses that have gone through pain, the recovery process, and maybe still wake up with reminders that we got through it.