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 Hello, I'm Tess. I'm a movement coach. I don't teach calorie counting. I don't put you through "drills." I don't prescribe exercises. I help you discover how your body was meant to move and what it is capable of.

In addition to my own classes and 1-on-1 work, I teach a several other studios/gyms around Seattle, WA. Here's a schedule.



Every class and session is rooted in curiosity and inclusivity. I like to keep the following mantra in mind as we learn: Move intelligently, practically & playfully. 

INTELLIGENTLY — We'll move in ways that work for your unique anatomy, paying close attention to your patterns, respecting progressions and building strength.

PRACTICALLY — Are you a corporate rockstar? Are you your kids' monkey bar hero? Are you a badass triathlete? How can your training help you do that better for longer?

PLAYFULLY — As adults, we've forgotten how to play. It's about re-discovering the joy and curiosity that we left on the playground.



My favorite tools


The practice of yoga is a magnificent, self-inflicted mind trick. It's a journey into the already-perfect you, using breath to guide the ship. Because if you're able to breath easy as a human pretzel, maybe a traffic jam or an angry boss becomes a piece of cake (fingers crossed).


This blend of myofascial release, corrective exercise and yoga is a exploration of your body's soft tissue. We use therapy balls, movement, breath and curiosity to excavate tension from your tissues, improve posture and enhance performance. 


Resistance training has a gazillion benefits including increased strength, improved bone density and weight loss. Using your own body as resistance is a convenient, scalable and safe way to reach your goals and establish healthy movement patterns.

kettlebells (1).jpg


I recently added kettlebells to my arsenal of training tools. Kettlebell training is one of the best way to build strength and endurance and compliments almost any training routine or goal. Plus, learning to work with these bad boys makes you feel like a total badass.



Forever a student

Gil Hedley Somanautics

This 6 day human dissection workshop was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I got to explore under the skin at my own pace, moving through each layer of the body. Nothing compares to letting your curiosity take over and diving into pure magic.

Yoga Tune Up®

December 2013 I completed the Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® training. It completely changed my personal practice and teaching style. It inspired me to dig into anatomy and soak up all of the information I could about how bodies work. 


I took my 200hr & 300hr vinyasa trainings through Three Sisters. I love that they bring specialized teachers in to cover topics like Pranayama, Ayurveda, anatomy, meditation, assists, etc. I feel like I got the most well-rounded, exciting 200hr possible.

RKC Kettlebell Instructor

I've been training with kettlebells for a while and have found no simpler, more effective way to improve strength and stamina than this. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the RKC / Dragon Door family.

Progressive Calisthenics

I freaking love bodyweight movement. Pushups, pistols and levers...I get so excited for all of it. It's incredibly empowering to own every shape your body could possibly make. It's an endless chase, and I'm so game.

National Academy of Sports Medicine

I'm proud to be a certified personal trainer and share my love of movement in more than just the yoga studio.